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Yoxford & Peasenhall Primary School

Primary Entitlement


The Trust expects that all pupils are provided with the opportunity to engage in activities that enrich their learning beyond the formal curriculum.  Originally based on the National Trust’s 50 things before you’re 11 and ¾, and designed to complement academic progress the activities respond to the Trust’s three core elements. 

Through a collaborative process across Trust schools the core elements have been designed to develop pupils’ character, these include:

  • Personal Development,

  • Creative Development and

  • Community Engagement

These core elements are broken down into competencies that inform each schools’ context specific Curriculum Drivers. 

The competencies also inform the continuing development of the Primary Entitlement Activities.

Personal Development

Creative Development

Community Engagement

Determined and Resilient

Imaginative and Creative





Reflective and Self-Improvement


Sense of Place

Risk Taker


Engages with debate


Builds Links

Understands and Respects
Equality and Diversity

Independent Learner

Independent Thinker

Respectful, Active Citizens